The State of Church Giving through 2018

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What If Jesus Comes Back in 2025?

  • 30th edition, December 2020
  • ISBN: 978-1-7362924-0-2

Topics include:

Chapters update church member giving and membership data in the U.S., including:
• 1968-2018 data for a composite set of denominations;
• 1921-2017 data for 11 denominations;
• Future trends;
• Denominational overseas ministries support through 2018;
• Cost-per-day for various church populations to address global needs;
• Potential Catholic giving in ten archdioceses;

An analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditure Survey 2018, and cash contributions to charitable causes; and,

Chapter 8 is the special focus chapter, building on the information in the first seven chapters. The chapter presents an exercise using the question: What if Jesus returns in 2025? Acknowledging that no one knows the date of Jesus’ return, the fact that three groups have chosen 2025 as a goal date for their efforts provides a reason to focus on that year. A discussion of missio Dei as a framework for discipleship sets the stage for setting goals for: Bible translations; engaging unengaged unreached people groups; and closing, in Jesus’ name, the Promise Gap by reaching the target reduction goal for the global Under-5 Mortality Rate. A discussion follows of possible consequences that may develop if the church does not prepare, and alternatively, if the church does prepare, as if Jesus is coming back in 2025.