The State of Church Giving through 2017

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What a Can-Do Attitude in the Church+$16 Billion Can Do in Jesus’ Name for the Children Dying in the Promise Gap

(Oct. 2019, ISBN 978-0-9843665-9-0) is the 29th edition in empty tomb, inc.’s annual series.

Topics Include:

Chapters update church member data in the U.S., including:

  • 1968-2017 data for a composite set of denominations;
  • 1921-2017 data for 11 denominations;
  • Future trends;
  • Denominational overseas ministries support through 2017;
  • Cost-per-day for various church populations to address global needs;
  • Potential Catholic giving in ten archdioceses;

An analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Expenditure Survey 2017, and cash contributions to charitable causes; and,

Chapter 8 is the special focus chapter. Downward trends in church giving and membership, explored in the earlier chapters, can be reversed. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says God has placed eternity in the human heart, but people don’t understand. The chapter explores directions people search for understanding, noting Hollywood seems to understand this need better than the church. The church has not but can provide a positive agenda for affluence: Closing, in Jesus’ name, the Promise Gap – – the difference between: 1) goals set to reduce the global Under-5 Child Mortality Rate (U5MR), and 2) the actual U5MR. Progress tables are included. With an average of 1 million children dying in the Promise Gap each year, the book states, “It’s time for the church to stop letting Hollywood have all the good lines.”

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