The Poor Have Faces

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The Poor Have Faces

Loving Your Neighbor in the 21st Century

(Baker Book House, 1992)

Building upon their church giving research, the Ronsvalles reflect on the potential of the church to impact global and domestic needs. Sharing experiences from their local ministry outreach and global interactions, they suggest that although people truly want to help their neighbors, people often feel overwhelmed by the world’s extensive problems. In response, this book realistically looks at the church in America’s unique resources, challenges Christians to adopt a personal, biblical view of stewardship, and lays out a viable plan of action to significantly reduce desperate world and domestic conditions and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface, p.9
  • Introduction, p.11
  • Bread from Jesus: Learning Firsthad about World Needs, p.17
  • Abounding Grace: Exploring Mission Resources, p.35
  • The Vision Unfolds: Developing a Global Strategy, p.55
  • China, Hello! Experiencing the Yoking Map, p.91
  • Crosstown Bridges: Addressing Local Needs, p.119
  • The Sky’s the Limit! Outlining a Plan of Action, p.137
  • The Yoking Map, p.147

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