Behind the Stained Glass Windows

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Behind the Stained Glass Windows

Money Dynamics in the Church

(Baker Books, 1996)

What are the dynamics at the congregation level that contribute to declining church member giving? This book reports on a three-year study by empty tomb, inc. The project included encounters with hundreds of local congregations, a nationally-distributed survey as well as interviews with over 40 national church leaders.

Table of Contents:

  • The Challenge before the Church p.23
  • Congregations p.31
  • Pastors p.56
  • Pastors and Denominations p.72
  • Congregations and Denominations p.85
  • Organizaing Money and the Church p.106
  • Money as a Topic p.127
  • Pastors and Seminary Training p.152
  • What is Money? p.165
  • Coming to Terms with Money p.187
  • Control Dynamics p.220
  • Needs for Pastoral Counseling p.242
  • Paradigmatic Shifts p.260
  • Signs of Hope p.282
  • Looking Ahead p.297

Appendix A: Historical Background and Description of the Stewardship Project p.305
Appendix B: Stewardship Project Survey Distribution and Analysis Methodology p.315
Appendix C: Stewardship Project Survey Results p.326

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