Behind the Stained Glass Windows

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Money Dynamics in the Church

(Baker Books, 1996)

What are the dynamics at the congregation level that contribute to declining church member giving? This book reports on a three-year study by empty tomb, inc. The project included encounters with hundreds of local congregations, a nationally-distributed survey as well as interviews with over 40 national church leaders.

Table of Contents:

  • The Challenge before the Church p.23
  • Congregations p.31
  • Pastors p.56
  • Pastors and Denominations p.72
  • Congregations and Denominations p.85
  • Organizaing Money and the Church p.106
  • Money as a Topic p.127
  • Pastors and Seminary Training p.152
  • What is Money? p.165
  • Coming to Terms with Money p.187
  • Control Dynamics p.220
  • Needs for Pastoral Counseling p.242
  • Paradigmatic Shifts p.260
  • Signs of Hope p.282
  • Looking Ahead p.297

Appendix A: Historical Background and Description of the Stewardship Project p.305
Appendix B: Stewardship Project Survey Distribution and Analysis Methodology p.315
Appendix C: Stewardship Project Survey Results p.326

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