At Ease

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At Ease:

Discussing Money and Values in Small Groups

(Alban Institute, 1998)

Well known for their innovative writings on churches and money, the Ronsvalles of empty tomb, inc. team up with U. Milo Kaufmann to present their newest work in this field: a method for making people comfortable about the difficult issues of linking money and values. The method is based on congregational small-group discussions that create support and trust to help individuals identify their fears and worries, as well as their attitudes on stewardship and support of the church. A series of questions leads participants by steps to new and increasingly probing conversations about these issues.

Table of Contents:

Part 1. Outline for Adventure

  • You are Invited!
  • Spritual Dynamics
  • The Purpose of Small Groups
  • How to Use This Book

Part 2. Topics for Consideration

  • Level 1 Overview-How Are We Supposed to Think about Money?
  • Level 2 Overview-Practical Issues of Stewardship and Budgeting
  • Level 3 Overview-Exploring Discipleship

Part 3. An Overview of Small Groups

  • A Very Brief History of Small Groups
  • How to Run an Effective Small Group Discussion
  • A Step-by-Step Guide for Organizing a Small Group to Use This Book

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