Fair Use Standards

empty tomb, inc. Trademark and Copyright Information

For usage information, please read the empty tomb Web site copyright information, including “Fair Use” and “Use of Materials Exceeding Fair Use Standards.”

“empty tomb” is a registered trademark of empty tomb, inc.

empty tomb, inc. has also registered the trademarks for the following names: “The National Money for Missions Program”; “Yoking Map”; “Mission Match”; “MissionMATCHanExpense.”

empty tomb, inc. is glad that materials developed through its research and publications are of use to others. The goal and purpose of this work is to empower church members to love a hurting world in Jesus’ name.

Being in the world while not of it, empty tomb, inc. feels a responsibility that the materials it develops are used in a way consistent with its intent. Therefore, the following policies apply.

Fair Use

Citation of facts and findings developed by empty tomb, inc., and limited quotations (representing a small percentage of the whole work) fall within the category of Fair Use. This Fair Use standard is important, particularly for research and scholarship. It is also important to respect the limits of Fair Use in order to keep the Fair Use concept as a workable standard that respects both the author’s and user’s rights, thus promoting the exchange of information. Permission is not needed for limited Fair Use. However, those using information from empty tomb, inc. publications, and on its Web site at <www.emptytomb.org>, that falls within the Fair Use definition are asked to respect the following rights of empty tomb, inc., as the author of the intellectual property.

MEDIA: Facts, a table and/or a graphic on the empty tomb Web site or in its publications can be used as sources in media reports if credit is given to empty tomb, inc. The source should be noted as “empty tomb, inc., Champaign, IL, [Year of information].” When the material is quoted from the Web site, the Web site address should also be cited: <www.emptytomb.org>.

OTHER USERS: empty tomb provides permission, within the Fair Use standards, for LIMITED citation and duplication of specific facts or a table from its publications or Web site, if the use is for a private individual, scholarship purposes, or for FREE distribution through Sunday school classes, church newsletters or publications, or to be used in sermon preparation. This permission is contingent on the inclusion of a source reference. For research or scholarly works, standard note citation procedures should be followed. For use in a limited setting, such as a church newsletter, the citation should read as follows: <Copyright, empty tomb, inc., Champaign, IL. [Year of material]. “empty tomb” is a registered trademark of empty tomb, inc.> If the material was obtained through the empty tomb Web site, or one of its related sites, the source should begin with the Web site where the material was obtained, for example: <www.emptytomb.org>.

FAIR USE IN MATERIALS TO BE SOLD: The person wishing to use, in a publication that will be sold, any material from empty tomb, inc. publications or specific facts appearing on this Web site should check with his/her publisher to be sure that Fair Use standards are being observed. Full source credit should be provided. For materials that exceed Fair Use standards, written permission should be obtained.


Citation that exceeds the Fair Use rule requires that written permission be obtained. The inquiry should be in the form of a signed letter (on letterhead if from an institution or organization) to the publisher (if different than empty tomb, inc.) or sent to: Permissions, empty tomb, inc., P.O. Box 2404, Champaign, IL 61825-2404, and should include the following information.

  1. Title, author and date of the empty tomb publication from which you want to quote.
    Pages of the material as it appears in the empty tomb, inc. publication, or the Web page name within the Web site.
    Other identifying information, including the specific quotation(s), figure(s) and/or table(s).
  2. Author (Editor) and title of the work in which the material will be used.
    Proposed date of publication, and publisher.
    Description of the work in which the material will be used.
    Format in which the document will be published (e.g., print, photocopy, electronic posting, other).
    Number of copies to be published.
    Whether the publication will be sold or distributed for free, and how it will be distributed.
    A description of the rights sought: (a) One-time use only or repeated use, (b) in what languages, (c) for local or worldwide use, (d) for one or how many editions, (e) as part of the proposed volume/publication only, or also as part of additional versions, such as a related teaching manual.

empty tomb, inc. staff will make every effort to expedite requests for permission. However, please allow six weeks for the exchange of mail.

Any related fees will be determined by the rights, the amount of material to be cited, and the use to be made of the empty tomb, inc. material as described in the written request.

LINKING TO THE empty tomb, inc. WEB SITE

Because of the ease of use of the Internet, empty tomb does not grant permission for the materials on its Web site to be re-posted on other Web sites. However, empty tomb, inc. is happy for you to link to specific pages in its Web site.

THANK YOU for treating us as you would like to be treated, by respecting these policies.