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  • Give a financial donation to provide for the General Fund of empty tomb, inc.
    General Fund gifts provide the funds that underwrite all the works of empty tomb, inc. For more information about these activities, see the About Us page on this Web site. If you have questions, contact us through
  • Give a financial donation to provide Mission Match funds.
    Mission Match® is empty tomb’s unique way to help expand missions giving through congregations. Gifts of money to Mission Match help provide the money that is matched with the money congregations raise to support the mission project in their applications. As of 2018, approved mission projects will focus on addressing one of 14 causes of death in children under age 5 in one of 40 countries. The goal is to help close the “Promise gap:” The difference between the goals set by world leaders for reducing the under age 5 rate of deaths and the actual rates of death. Of each dollar donated directly to Mission Match, 85 cents will be matched with congregational New Mission Money, and 15 cents is used for administrative and congregation support expenses. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Together we can make a difference in Jesus’ name!