Excerpt from The State of Church Giving through 2013: Crisis or Potential? (25th edition, 2015)

Reflections on the 25th Edition

This edition in The State of Church Giving series is the 25th. Over that period of time, various themes and summary topics have been considered as possible subtitles for various editions. Far more of these unused titles exist — with others added occasionally — than the number of editions that could possibly be published. Reviewing the titles proved to be an interesting exercise. In a few words, major ideas are highlighted, suggesting possibe directions for further exploration. Therefore, it seemed as though offering a selection of these unused titles could be a creative way to mark this 25th edition.

Regarding the presentation format, a recent article described Søren Kierkegaard's writing procedure. He folded the paper the long way, and wrote on about half the paper, reserving the blank column for future notes and observations about the points he had written earlier.i

A similar format is used here with respect for, and with acknowledgement of, a helpful idea. In the following presentation, the titles are listed on about half the paper. The blank column is available for the reader's own possible notes and reflections.

Reducing the list to 95 has been a labor, but one of love. It is hoped that this list fosters further reflection, for the strengthening of the church, with all the possibilities therein.

Table 46: Ninety-five Titles, For Reflection
# Date Title  
1 2/23/07 Jesus: Peter, Do You Love Me? Pastor, Do You Even Like Me?  
2 4/29/07 Church Member Bill Of Rights Regarding International Need:
-What is the scope of the problem?
-What would it take to fix it?
-What is the goal of the present project?
-Is the information presented in a form that a local church can apply money to?
-Is the project at the appropriate scale?
3 3/30/07 Church Is Sitting It Out  
4 5/13/08 Global Triage And The Need To Stop Playing At Christianity  
5 9/19/08 Lukewarm Church In America At Risk Of Playing At Christianity And Treating King Of Kings Jesus As Quixotic Gadfly  


6 5/28/09 What Does Christian Friendship Mean In A Lukewarm Church In An Age Of Affluence (Lazarus and Dives, Luke 16:19-31)  
7 9/19/09 Jesus Is Brilliant, And It Would Be More Fun If We Were More So  
8 9/26/09 Is It Any Surprise That Denominational Overseas Missions Come Last As A Priority And Membership As A Portion Of U.S. Population Is Declining?  
9 9/29/09 Overseas Missions At-Scale Rather Than The Necessary But Insufficient Tired Old Strategy Of New Church Plants  
10 11/8/09 Why Are You Acting Like “Unthinking Animals”? (Psalm 49:20 NIV; 2 Peter 2:12-14 NLT)  
11 11/23/09 Since You Are Not An Unthinking Animal, What Is Your Global Word And Deed Mission Plan For The Brief Moment You Are On Earth In An Age of Affluence?  
12 12/6/09 Denominations’ Exclusive Commitment To Unified Budget Focus Contributing To Their And Their Congregations’ Increasing Irrelevance and Marginalization  
13 12/13/09 The Church Calendar Cycle Is Useful When You’re Too Busy Running The Church To See Where It’s Going  
14 12/13/09 Church Members In The U.S. Do Not Seem To Take Jesus Very Seriously  
15 1/2/10 Pray That God The Father, Son, And The Holy Spirit Will Move At-Scale Through The Body of Christ  
16 1/7/10 No Church Leader With A Short-Term 10-15 Year Tenure Wants To Be A Servant Beggar, And No Church Leader Is In Charge And Feeding His Sheep  
17 1/7/10 Will No Joseph Of Arimathea Or Barnabas Wealthy Church Member Step Forward To Organize For, And Serve, King Jesus At-Scale?  


18 1/10/10 The Three Modalities Or Tools Of Magic Miracles, Concentrated Miracles, And Diffused Miracles: Principles Of Diffuse Miracles
1. Entry Belief — Forgiveness of Sin — Get with Program
2. Oneness of Mind and Heart
3. Priority of Kingdom of God
4. Work for the Night Is Coming
5. Great Commandment — Love God and Others
6. Love God or Money
7. John 14:12-14 — Action Belief
19 1/11/10 The Goal Of Sixty Percent Of Congregational Expenses Going For Overseas Word And Deed Mission Giving As The Foundation For Church Impact On Culture  
20 1/20/10 A De Facto Gnostic View Of The Great Commission In An Age Of Affluence  
21 1/22/10 The Body Of Christ In America Stubbornly Refuses To Get Serious About Two Global Aspects Of King Jesus’ Platform: 1) Help Moms And Dads Fight The Child Killers Of Diarrhea And Pneumonia In Africa And Asia, And 2) Offer Freedom From Guilt Plus Hope Of Eternal Life To Unreached Peoples  
22 1/26/10 A Discussion Of Social Justice That Omits Church Giving Potential Suffers From Uncorrected Obsolescence  
23 2/1/10 Christian Media, Christian Publishing Industry, Seminaries, Christian Educational Institutions, And Denominational Agencies Are De Facto Natural Competitors With Denominational International Missions  
24 4/3/10 Why Expect Revival When We Won’t Obey Jesus When He Says, ‘You Feed Them’?  
25 5/1/10 The Trap Of The Historically Useful But Insufficient Unified Budget In An Age Of Affluence  


26 5/2/10 Since We’re Here For Only A Moment, Why Don’t We Act As Though God Exists And Jesus Rose From The Dead?  
27 8/2/10 Does It Seem As Though Pastors And Denominational Officials Are More Concerned About Salaries And Retirement Funds Than Mobilizing Money To Help Stop Child Deaths And Engaging The Unreached?  
28 8/17/10 God Gave Us Humans The Church As A Tool To Use, But Denominations Do Not Know How To Use It  
29 8/17/10 Great Commandment’s Great Commission Action Or Great Omission Rhetoric?  
30 8/25/10 Let The Church Resolve Today That Not A Single MDG 4 Goal Child Will Cross The Dead Line In 2015  
31 9/19/10 Just With Whom Does The Lukewarm Church In America Think It Is Trifling?  
32 11/21/10 Don’t Be Bored And Boring, Work To Please Jesus At-Scale  
33 11/21/10 Ecumenical Realism [Coordinate, a start — not cooperate, unity, or oneness, or if so, a form thereof]  
34 11/30/10 … Verse: Luke 6:46 [Any Way You Put It, 8/30/2015]  
    Why do you call Me, Lord, Lord, and do not [practice] what I tell you? Amplified Bible  
    Why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say? King James  
    And why call you me, Lord, Lord; and do not the things which I say? Rheims New Testament  
    Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? New American Standard  
    Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but not do what I command? New American  


    Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? New International  
    Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I tell you? New Revised Standard  
    So why do you call me ‘Lord,’ when you won’t obey me? New Living Translation  
    But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do the things which I say? New King James  
    quid autem vocatis me Domine Domine et non facitis quae dico The Latin Vulgate  
    And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I say? The Darby Translation  
    Was heißet ihr mich aber HERR, HERR, und tut nicht, was ich euch sage? Luther Bible 1912  
    And why do ye call me, Lord, Lord, and do not what I say? Young’s Literal Translation  
    Τί δέ με καλεῖτε, Κύριε κύριε, καὶ οὐ pοιεῖτε ἃ λέγω Greek New Testament  
35 2/14/11 Christianity As Hobby With De Jure Christians And De Facto Atheists  
36 7/10/11 Wanted, Thinkers Or Mobilizers In The Church In America  
37 7/19/11 Your Unwillingness To Mobilize Church Mission Money At-Scale Makes You a ‘Christian’ Child Killer — Death By Apathy  
38 8/8/11 Local Churches As Small Businesses Competing For Money With Jesus And His Global Great Commission  
39 8/13/11 Denominations As Pastor Trade Associations Or Global At-Scale Mission Money Mobilizers For Jesus’Kingdom  


40 9/8/11 Oops We Lied To You Kids So Through Lack Of Mobilization We Will Kill 3,—,— Million Of You In 2013 So Sorry  
41 1/5/12 Can Accord, ACT Alliance, And Caritas Mobilize 300,000 Churches’ Giving At-Scale For Global Mission Needs?  
42 3/8/12 Church Mired In Old Ideas And Uncorrected Obsolescence With Reference To Mobilizing Global At-Scale Mission Giving  
43 3/18/12 Will 300,000 Churches Use Power And Authority To Mobilize At-Scale Giving To Preach The Gospel And Heal The Sick?  
44 4/21/12 Anecdotal Christianity Circus Of Popular Conference Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Rallies Of Tens Of Thousands, And Megachurch Networks, Neither Organizing, Nor Mobilizing 300,000 Churches’ Giving Potential At-Scale To Address Global Mission Needs  
45 4/24/12 Why Are Smart People So Slow?  
46 5/29/12 Age of Affluence’s Prison Of Apathy Regarding At-Scale Global Mission Giving  
47 6/5/12 O Lukewarm Church In America, Mourn As Kids Promised Life Are Killed From 2012 To 2015 For Lack Of $50 Per Member  
48 6/17/12 Church Leaders Fearfully Want Control Of Small Picture Goals So Much That, Unwilling To Risk Their Organizational Income For At-Scale Global Word And Deed Missional Goals, They Lose The Hearts And Minds Of Their People Regarding Big Picture Goals  
49 9/1/12 You Can’t Have Jesus’ Morals In Your Culture If You Don’t Follow Jesus  
50 9/13/12 The Revolutionary Nature Of Church Giving  
51 10/12/12 We’re Too Busy, Our Plate Is Full, Their Plate Is Empty  


52 10/19/12 The Smell Of The Decaying Bodies Of Those Children Whose Whimpering Daily Deaths Are Being Ignored By A Rich Lukewarm Church Is [Must Needs Be] A Stench In God’s Nostrils  
53 10/25/12 Perfect Love Casts Out Fear, Special Campaigns, And Unified Budgets  
54 11/27/12 Utter Depravity Among Evangelicals Not Mobilized To Engage Unengaged Unreached People Groups For Under 2¢ Per Day  
55 1/2/13 Yes To Unified Budgets But Only If [To The Degree] At-Scale Special Campaigns Meeting Global Triagic Needs  
56 1/10/13 Is There At Least One At-Scale Triagic Global Needs Organizer In The Church In The United States Of America?  
57 1/25/13 Intelligent Obedience Requires Organization  
58 3/1/13 Rhetoric, 40,000 Missionaries But Not 2,800 To Engage Unreached, Nor $50 Per Christian To Stop 3 Million Child Deaths  
59 3/10/13 Growing Irrelevance Of The Church And Threat To Religious Liberty Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin  
60 4/10/13 Status Confessionis, Global Child Deaths, Unengaged Unreached, And The Church In America In An Age Of Affluence  
61 5/6/13 The King, Four Types Of Barons, And Global Triage In An Age Of Affluence [1. Denominational Leaders; 2. ... Paracongregational Organization Leaders; 3. Pastors In Megachurches With Networks, Such As Bill Hybels, Rick Warren; 4. Pastors In Top 10 Or Top 30 Lists]  
62 5/14/13 Intellectuals Yes But Missing Intelligent Obedience Regarding At-Scale Global Triage Word And Deed Mission Needs  


63 5/17/13 Rhetoric Up But Not At-Scale Global Triage Word Or Deed Organizing Of 100 Million Christians Or 300,000 Churches  
64 5/24/13 If Our King Is ‘Outraged and Heartbroken’ What Should We Do Besides Business As Usual? Organize Now How?  
65 6/11/13 If Church Leaders Are Blind To Church Giving Potential For Global Missions In An Age Of Affluence, Who Will Lead The Blind?  
66 6/22/13 There’s Another Level Of Success For Church Leaders Beyond And Through Institutions  
67 7/5/13 May God Soothe The Fears And Expand The Global Mission Imaginations Of Church Leaders In This Age Of Affluence  
68 7/15/13 Jesus Said Nothing Will Be Impossible But Church Leaders Do Not Stop Child Deaths At $50 And Engage Unreached At $10 Per Member  
69 7/26/13 Unified Budgets Without Denominational At-Scale Special Mission Campaigns Accompany Local Church Decline  
70 7/28/13 Why Won’t Church Leaders Work Together To Help In Jesus’ Name Stop 2 Million Child Deaths For $50 Per Member?  
71 8/11/13 How Is Jesus’ Kingdom Doing Vs. How Is Your Institution Doing?  
72 8/11/13 Is Your Concern Younger Pastors So The Pensions Work, Or Jesus’ Kingdom And Global Triage Need?  
73 9/9/13 All Christians Need To Be Fundraisers For At-Scale Global Triage Needs In Age Of Affluence  
74 11/7/13 100,000 Missionaries From U.S., 400,000 Globally, But Not 3,000 For Unengaged Unreached People Groups?  


75 1/23/14 Beyond A Pre-Age-Of-Affluence Missions Paradigm In This Age Of Affluence  
76 1/24/14 Church Leaders Seem Rather Content With Tiny Global Missional Efforts In This Age Of Affluence  
77 5/5/14 Success With Mammon, Friends, And Family More Important Than Success With God And His Kingdom  
78 5/20/14 Church Gets F For Not Closing 1990-2015 Child Death Gap, So Let’s Close It For 2015-2035  
79 9/28/14 The Optimism Of U.S. Culture Has Been Predicated Upon Jesus’ Assertion That With Faith All Things Are Possible  
80 9/28/14 Deadly Combination To Not Know Giving Potential, Not Believe All Things Possible And Reject [Hate] [Fight] Jesus’ Oneness Prayer  
81 11/22/14 Beyond Showboating Anecdotal Christianity To At-Scale Christianity In Age Of Affluence  
82 12/21/14 Do Church Leaders Want To Influence Government More Than Please God?  
83 12/25/14 Centillion, 9,000,000 Triviality, And The Illusion Of Three Digits In Age Of Affluence  
84 1/24/15 Let Church Leaders, Fearful For Their Own Institutions’ Funding, Stop Hiding Church Giving Potential From Their Members  
85 2/5/15 It Is A Great Sin That Church Leaders Are Making Christianity So Boring In An Age Of Affluence  
86 2/7/15 No One Has Seen Or Experienced The Fun And Excitement Of 300,000+ Churches In America Obeying Jesus At-Scale And His Great Commission, Great Commandment In The Power Of His Great Prayer In An Age Of Affluence  
87 2/18/15 Ick Eek Argh But OK IBG YBG  
88 2/21/15 Beyond Milk In An Age Of Affluence  


89 2/22/15 Are Church Leaders Just Earning A Living Or Obeying Jesus In Age Of Affluence?  
90 3/5/15 Church Has Plethora Of Managers But Dearth Of Leaders Re Mobilizing At-Scale Mission Giving In Age Of Affluence  
91 3/15/15 If Jesus’ Assigned Works And Francis’ Crèche Were Dramatic, And If Christian Art Is Oblivious To Age Of Affluence Potential And Les Miserables Of 1.7 Million Children Dying Of Preventable Causes in 2016, Is The Blind Artiste Performing For A Blind Audience?  
92 4/10/15 If Theology Is Queen Of The Sciences, Why Not Apply Intelligence To Global Mission Needs In Age Of Affluence?  
93 4/24/15 Church Tells World What To Do But Won’t Mobilize At-Scale Church Mission Giving In Age Of Affluence  
94 4/30/15 Church And Media De Facto Suppression Of Bad News May Impede Development Of Good Solution  
95 2012 Jesus Loves the Children, All the Children of the World Who Could Die 2013-2015 — Does The Church In The U.S.?  


i Gordon Marino, "Kiekegaard's Journals and Notebooks," Christian Century, 7/22/2015, pg.39.