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Where Do You Get Your Buzz?

by John and Sylvia Ronsvalle
   from the June/July 2014 Opportunities newsletter

It sure seems like human beings are hardwired to keep a buzz going.

Some get it from stimulants (which reminds the she of us about getting another cup of tea as this is written).

Some get a buzz from shopping. The hunt for just the right accessory, a cool tool, or the unexpected find in a store or a thrift shop provides a thrill.

For others, it’s this week’s game. Or next year’s season (the she of us grew up going to Cub games and cheering Ernie Banks).

It might be food, either home cooked, grilled just right, or at a new restaurant.

Travel can be a buzz generator, returning to a favorite spot, going to a brand new destination, or just getting out of town.

Family is the biggest buzz-factor for some. Gatherings with extended members or children’s accomplishments are a source of pride and rootedness.

All of these can be goods in and of themselves.

All of them can also disappoint.

As an example from personal experience, you can order the largest pizza of your dreams, cooked to perfection, and still not be able to eat as much as you want before your stomach rebels.

At that point, you develop a renewed understanding of common wisdom’s phrase, “Too much of a good thing.”

Is there any buzz that can just keep going, not ending at some point in disappointment?

Our faith tells us that God knows what He is talking about, and Jesus came to tell us more of what the Father thinks.

And Jesus says that there’s only one way that will really meet our need for that core human desire for an ongoing buzz.

It’s where Jesus got his buzz, leading him to do amazing works while on earth.

The apostles and disciples of 2,000 years ago had a source of energy that set in motion a movement that continues to change the world today.

And now, in another part of the world, a young mother sits in prison, facing a death sentence, refusing to say she no longer believes in Jesus in order to save her life. What does she know that gives her such strength? What kind of buzz does she have going that sees her through such a scary situation? Jesus says there’s just one buzz-source that will never disappoint: Love God (Mark 12:29-30).

Like the psalmist says, “To all perfection I see a limit; but your commands are boundless”, (Psalm 119:96, NIV).

In Psalm 39:9, we hear that it is in God’s light that we see light.

Apparently, as we draw closer to God, we can get a true buzz from wanting to please God. And there are many verses telling us that to please God means that our attention will turn to loving our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31).

Here is the buzz to which there are no limits, the buzz that will not disappoint and leave us with a bad aftertaste.

Other buzz-sources can certainly still be fun. They’re even more fun, though, when they are add-ons to the biggest buzz, and not ends in themselves. Then, these mini-buzzes sort of round out the main energy. These mini-buzzes become all the more precious and appreciated because we’re not asking or expecting more of them than they can deliver. So let’s keep our big buzz going by loving God, and therefore stepping out in faith through works that love others in Jesus’ name. And how about a cup of tea while we’re doing it?

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