2017 Mega Work-A-Thon

Helping families to stock their pantries!

empty tomb’s Fundraising THROUGH F O R Service Event!

Church Representative Information Sheet

This is our opportunity to display our oneness in the Body of Christ! (John 17:20-21)

Fundraising F O R Service Event!

empty tomb’s 2017 Mega Work-A-Thon is our main Fundraising Event. It is designed to help strengthen the financial stability of empty tomb, inc. Our goal is to raise $35,000 to help ensure that all expenses can be paid on time, such as Helping Appointments, gas for the Furniture Truck, and operating costs, including salaries. The money received will go to empty tomb’s “No-Late-Bills Reserve Fund” that helps empty tomb provide discipleship opportunities for Christians to share the love of Jesus with those in need. And, if more money is raised than is needed for the “No-Late-Bills Reserve Fund,” money above that goal will be directed to empty tomb’s Helping Referral Work, allowing even more people with immediate critical needs to be helped.

Financial Donation: Each church is asked to give a financial donation in Jesus’ name to empty tomb, inc. that will support empty tomb’s service activities throughout the year. Your church may want to take up a collection, and/or ask members to make a financial commitment. Whatever way your church wants to handle donations will be greatly appreciated. We would like to reach the goal of $35,000 by March 4, 2017.

Fundraising THROUGH Service Event!

This event also provides a special service activity for your church. The Mega Work-A-Thon gives people the opportunity to celebrate how churches can serve the community through empty tomb, specifically by providing families with boxes of staple foods.

How many families are you serving? We are asking you to determine how many families your church wants to serve with a box of the 11 staple food items from the provided list, that your congregation will collect. We will then give each church the names and addresses of the families/individuals who have been referred to empty tomb.

On the day of the event, participants from churches will come together to decorate the boxes provided by empty tomb, inc. and take those back to each church to be filled and delivered to the families (from the referral list) who have expressed a need for the food.

Here’s an Idea: One church requested that the bottom of the boxes be given to the churches in advance so they may be filled prior to the Event and that the day of, they can decorate the lid and add the lids to the already filled box bottoms.

On the morning of the event, we will first gather for worship, prayer and a presentation about empty tomb, inc. Then we will decorate the box lids side by side with your brothers and sisters in Christ from many churches, together in oneness in the body of Christ. Each church is asked to bring materials to decorate their lids. When you are finished with your box lids, you can take them back to your churches and deliver the completed box to the assigned families.

Here’s an Idea: Church representatives wondered how more children can participate than those that attend the decorating event. One idea proposed was that, before the event, the children design and make small decorations that can be added to the box lids when the lids are brought back to the church.

Event location and time: Apostolic Life Church is again graciously hosting the Event.
Location: 2107 North High Cross Road, Urbana.
Date and time: March 4, 2017 at 8:00 AM.

Sign up is through your churches only:

Tasks to do as a Church Representative:

Supplies: Before arriving at the actual Event we are asking each group to, please:

Snacks will be provided on the day of event.

Churches might need to bring a table on the day of the Event.

We will let you know at a later day if this is necessary, and find out if you can help with this part.


Thank you for your help in strengthening the financial stability of empty tomb, inc., and in extending God’s love through Jesus to area people in need. You are a blessing to those who are helped through the Works of empty tomb. You are truly proclaiming our allegiance to Jesus our Lord and Savior by your word and deed in this Event. We appreciate the good works you are doing by also collecting and delivering staple food items to these families. May God bless your efforts to glorify His name in this way and may the families know His love and grace, in Jesus’ name.

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