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Discussion of the Vacuum of Leadership in the Church in the U.S.

For entries in a discussion on the vacuum of leadership in the church in the U.S., see the following PDFs on the emptytomb.org Web site.

"Principle 4: There is a leadership vacuum. To alter the consequences described by these three principles, dynamic leadership would have to redirect the energies of human beings. Given the mandate from Jesus Christ, church leadership might well be expected to provide such an agenda. The lack of action on the part of church members demonstrates that there is a vacuum of effective leadership. If effective leadership existed, by definition giving patterns would be increasing." The State of Church Giving through 1998, p. 82. See also section, "Principles for Conducting a Systems Analysis Case Study” on pages 81-86.

Two Solutions for the Vacuum of Leadership are considered: (1) Leaders decide to mobilize; (2) Provide feedback to church members. The State of Church Giving through 2000, chapter 8.

"Further, national denominational officials appear to be preoccupied with the subsystems that support institutional maintenance. A vacuum of leadership exists in the overall system of discipleship and transformation of congregation members, accompanied by the atrophying of giving to Benevolences." The State of Church Giving through 2001, p. 113.

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