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"Knowing someone is available to assist in this mission project has truly encouraged our people … Thanks again for your Godly encouragement and support." - - a church that received a Mission Match Matching Contribution for their mission project.

"The team came back passionate about missions … None of this would have been possible without your help!" - a church that received a Mission Match Matching Contribution for their mission project

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Help us grow a movement to encourage more and more churches to increase their spending on missions. The empty tomb® Mission Match® provides Matching Contributions to churches in the U.S. that complete the application process.

And the Mission Match Discipleship Tree® is the funding arm. The Discipleship Tree is designed to combine annual gifts of $48 from lots of Christians across the U.S. This money is then offered as Matching Contributions (see below: "How Mission Match Works").

See the Mission Match info below. We hope you will be as excited as we are about the difference the church can make in Jesus' name. More projects summaries are at

Siberia photo;

Siberia photo

A woman attending a United Methodist church in Texas heard of orphanages in Siberia where "bones are set without x-rays, teeth are pulled without painkillers, and needed surgeries go undone."

She found Mission Match on the Internet, and proposed that her church ask members to donate money that would be matched. On the application she wrote, "We have never done this for a mission trip." The church succeeded in raising the funds. People from the church took the financial help from the church and the Mission Match Matching Contribution to Siberia for, according to the budget submitted with the application, "Bibles for children, medical care, clothing and food for the children, and repairs to the orphanage."

The follow-up report says the team provided medical funds, a freezer, Bibles, clothing, sports equipment, toys and books. They took costumes and encouraged the children to play. "One little girl, Anna, is unable to walk without holding on to someone. We are going to purchase a walker that will grow with her …"

The report went on, "To anyone who says the trip is too far away, costs too much money, or might even be too dangerous, our answer is to stand in the team's shoes and look into the eyes we looked into."


A Southern Baptist Church in Washington State proposed a mission trip to Kenya. They installed a water tank at an orphanage, built a house "… for a widow and her 9 children along with an aunt and two grandmas who also took up residence in the tiny house. We have set up a pen pal program between students in Kenya and our children's department at our church. Already over 60 letters have arrived from Kenya and our kids are eagerly returning them."

How Mission Match helped: "Mission Match has helped our congregation grow in their mission giving for sure. Because we had the goal to raise funds, our people were challenged by the Holy Spirit to give beyond their means and then watch to see how God used their faith for His glory. Our church is over 60% senior citizens on a fixed income! When the team reported back to the congregation what we were actually able to accomplish, it was incredible to see the joy and satisfaction they had in their hearts for getting to be a part of it all. It was as if they had gone themselves!"

PenPals WaterProject


A youth leader at an Episcopal church in Massachusetts found Mission Match on the Internet. He went to his youth group and challenged them to think of a project to support. The junior high group did research and announced they wanted to build a water system in Haiti — at a cost of $10,000! The application cover letter read, "We realize that this is an ambitious project for our young people to undertake, but as one of them stated when we were deciding about which project to raise funds for, 'Let's think big, that's the way God is.' " The youth succeeded in their goal. The Mission Match Matching Contribution was sent, and the system was built through a Christian nonprofit. The youth sent a thank you with a photo: Notice the orange University of Illinois T-shirt worn in honor of Mission Match's hometown!

The first application received from a Brethren in Christ congregation located in Pennsylvania indicated that the church had only started to reach out in missions the year before. After a third Mission Match Matching Contribution was received, the pastor wrote, "The last two years we have seen our mission giving grow. Now we are seeing a new crop of outreach minded people who want to serve God!" A year later, the pastor wrote, "What a blessing and transformation we have seen among our congregation in giving toward mission work and time spent reaching out to those in our community, our nation, and our world. None of this would have happened without your [Mission Match] help."


In a thank-you letter to Mission Match back in 2007, a physician who headed a team to Nicaragua from a Church of Christ in Minnesota wrote, "We have completed our work this year taking care of over 2,500 individuals while in the country in July. Our care consisted of medical and optical care for those in need. The additional funds contributed to meet the match allowed us to add more medications and health kits for the patients seen in the clinic."

"Dear empty tomb,

   Thanks for your Mission Match funds. Knowing someone is available to assist in this mission project has truly encouraged our people. We have seen God move a great ways in this endeavor. People have willingly increased their giving and mission support. We look forward in sharing our trip with you once we return. Thanks again for your Godly encouragement and support. May God Bless your ministry!

Laboring W/ Jesus"
— an Indiana Southern Baptist Church undertaking a September 2015 trip to Haiti

Mission Match by the Numbers, from 2002
through September 2015:

A Free Methodist congregation in Indiana was building a new church. They felt challenged to raise funds to build a church in India at the same time, and applied for a Mission Match Matching Contribution for that purpose. The pastor wrote, "The Mission Match helped us see that God can take what we offer Him and multiply what we give when we give sacrificially." The pastor later wrote, "You provided a Mission Match for our congregation … On Saturday I returned from a 19-day trip in India where I was able to dedicate the church building we sent funds to build … After seeing the impact this one church is having in a tribal village I am committed to raising funds for another church building in another village. Thank you for partnering with us to reach our goal."


A United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania wrote in their Mission Match application that their church had never funded an international mission trip before. They wanted to build a playground on an island in the Philippines. Not only the children who can afford to go to school but others as well would have a sanitary place to play since they were playing in an area where sewer water was present. The trip was combined with medical services and Bible distribution. In their follow-up report, the church said the playground was dedicated in memory of a child of the Filipino pastor who led the trip and a child of one of the team members. "We were told that this was the first and only playground [throughout] the many surrounding islands, and the school leaders asked – how was this done? A teacher from the school, believed to be a non-believer of God, simply said it was a God thing! Thank you again, this effort could not have been done without your support."

Three American Baptist congregations, two in Oregon and one in Illinois, each applied for a Mission Match Matching Contribution to contribute toward the purchase of a truck needed by a denominational agricultural mission in Congo.

One of the three churches wrote, "Mission Match provided an incredible incentive to go above and beyond our normal giving habits … What a great opportunity to see God work in this congregation in this form."

How Mission Match Works:

  1. A congregation completes and sends in a Mission Match application available at
  2. After empty tomb staff complete the initial due diligence process, the congregation is asked to complete a Mission Spending Calculator.
  3. If all is in good order, the congregation is given a period of weeks to raise the money to be matched for the missions project described in the congregation's application. The emphasis in Mission Match is on global projects.
  4. When the congregation notifies Mission Match that the funds are raised, the Mission Match Matching Contribution is sent. The congregation is asked to send a Confirmation Form that the money has been spent according to the application.
  5. A follow-up report provides stories and photos. A follow-up Mission Spending Calculator helps empty tomb understand if there is growth in the congregation's spending on global missions as a percent of total spending.

Where does empty tomb get the funds offered as Mission Match Matching Contributions?

A key way empty tomb's Mission Match is funded is from individual Christians signing on to the Mission Match Discipleship Tree and then donating $48 a year.

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